Cosmetics products available today are quite different from what was available back in the past. Not only will you find a wide variety of products designed to cater to different consumer needs and preferences, but also come with scientific jargon meant to describe their capabilities. Cosmetic products made in this day and age are not just meant to be used to make your skin look better but should provide skin care properties that also enhance your skin’s health. Cosmetic companies themselves usually spend a huge part of their revenue and resources in researching their products to ensure that they stay ahead of their competition by offering consumers products backed by the latest discoveries.

Today, skin care products come with a variety of scientific terms plastered on the labeling. These terms include micro-, bio-, regenerative, etc. with the trend increasingly being applied by most cosmetic marketers. It is worth asking the question whether there is any relation between the products and science or scientific research.


From a marketing point of view, consumers have been seen to be more responsive to products that include these scientific terms in their labeling. It is important to note that consumers today are highly informed. As such, they demand only the most reliable and effective products for use in skin care. The scientific terms used on cosmetic products provide some sort of backing for the quality and value of the products. Marketing consultants in the cosmetic industry have been quick to increase the amount of scientific terms used to describe the products they bring to the market after realizing that these descriptions have an effect on the purchase decisions made.

Products, which now come with scientific terms included in their description, are by far outselling their counterparts that rely on generic and non-scientific terms.

Is it All Marketing or is there any Truth in it?

It is fair for consumers to ask whether there is a real connection between these products and science. Large cosmetics brands have invested heavily in science and research facilities all over the world over the years. These companies also hold a huge number of patents to protect their discoveries. This shows that the companies are also trying their best to match consumer demand for reliable products matched by scientific research. All that marketing consultants have done is find scientific terms meant to bring this effort to the consumer’s attention.

Even though most brands in the cosmetics industry have taken to scientific research to develop their products, they have faced a lot of criticism from other quarters in the promises made when marketing their products. The most common criticism comes in the form of limited research data backing the claims made by the marketers.